Whisper Marketing – What is it and how create reviews in online forums?

Whisper Marketing – What is it and how create reviews in online forums?

Whisper Marketing –  It is nothing but the creation of opinions in online forums, whose main task is to reach the recipient with a specific message of a marketing or advertising character, using the direct information provided orally. To disseminate information about mouth marketing, we include both a direct conversation and a story about the product.

Mouth marketing activities are carried out e.g. By instructing specific people to tell about a product or encouraging its purchase in exchange for its use.

Choosing the most effective way, appropriate refinement of the entire campaign and competent specialists in this field-all these aspects are the key to success in increasing sales of a product or service.

Mouth Marketing Objectives

In order to carefully select and plan the activities of mouth marketing, we must consider what our goal is. The main purpose of mouth marketing is to increase sales of products or services. However, it can also be a positive image of a company, a product or a service on the web, or an additional popularity of the site.

Stages of Mouth marketing campaign

  • Media Base – To prepare a list of portals, pages, forums on which to promote a given product
  • Action strategy – that is, selecting an effective method and planning the actions to be carried out
  • Familiarize yourself with the strategy – familiarize yourself with the specialists participating in the campaign, with the action plan, so that each of them can fulfil their task
  • Realization of mouth Marketing campaign – execution of all planned activities, analysis of results obtained, and subsequent actions to improve its effectiveness


In order to conduct a well-mouth marketing campaign, you need to possess some knowledge, experience and above all know the methods of mouth marketing. Only the fulfilment of such conditions can produce the desired effect.

As we learn from the research, carried out by experts, as many as 90% of consumers, before the final choice and purchase of a particular product is looking for opinions on it. On the other hand, only 14% of consumers are advertising while shopping. This is evidenced by the fact that whisper marketing is characterised by a truly high credibility, so entrepreneurs are increasingly choosing this form of long-term advertising.

Whisper Marketing is one of the cheapest forms of advertising, having a global reach. Posts in the forums or in other thematic threads will not disappear too quickly, and there are no costs for their publications. It even happens that the topic on the forum after a few months comes alive and continues to talk about specific products.


Benefits of Mouth Marketing:

  • The popularity of the product, the service or the whole brand
  • Sales growth
  • Relatively low cost of campaign execution
  • Product or brand in global reach
  • Direct contact with the consumer
  • The possibility of assessing consumer needs on the basis of their statements

These are just some of the benefits of mouth marketing activities. All indicate that it is useful to use this form of advertising. Just do it in a skillful way.

However, when preparing this type of activity, be sure to meet one basic principle. Product advertising may not be too intrusive. Posts must be in 100% natural and simple. They should be created in such a way as if they were written by someone who would like to boast of an acquired product. Posts typically professional, in-kind or containing advertising are usually received very negatively by readers and consumers at the same time. In order not to get the opposite effect than we wanted, it is best to entrust this task to professionals.

Profiles have long been registered in many forums, lots of posts in your account, and with this experience in creating reliable content.